Microscopic Quick Check Assessments


Are you curious about what kinds of life are inside your soil or compost?

We can help you see it on a microscopic level! Whether you want a full assessment or would just like to have pictures of the life in your soil, we’ve got you covered.

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What is included in our Qualitative Soil or Compost Assessment?

With the Quick Assessment you’ll receive 3-5 images with explanations of what you’re looking at. You’ll also get a table with a ranking of “high, medium, low, or not present” for fungi, protists, and nematodes. And, of course, we’ll note any possible issues we see.

Quick check assessments are more economical and give you a peek at your microbes. The report is a simple explanation of what we see when we put your soil under a microscope.

We can also check compost or worm castings.


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