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Are you wondering about compost?

We’ve got answers for you.

How do I take care of the compost when I get it?
    Do I use compost full strength?
    • This is relative to your application 
    • Unlike chemical fertilizers, compost can’t burn your plants.
    • You can dilute your compost extract when making compost tea. Recommended ratio is 4:1
    How do I use the compost as a solid amendment?
    • Top dress with a rate of 900lbs per acre.
    • Avoid amending during full sun or you risk UV damage to the product.
    Can I make compost tea or extract with this product?
    • Yes, we use it ourselves to make compost extract and actively aerated compost tea.
      What do I do with compost left in the bag after I rinse it in an extract?
      • You can add it back to your compost pile or top dress your plants.
        Where do I get compost tea bags?
        • If you are using a sprayer with a small nozzle you will look for a 400 micron compost tea bag. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on the shape of your vessel. 
        • Alternatively, if particulate is not an issue  you can use any type of paint strainer bags. 
          Do I need to feed the compost anything?
          • The compost is ready for application and does not have to be fed.
          • If you store the compost for a long time make sure to keep it in the shade, covered, and check moisture frequently and mist with filtered water to prevent drying out. 
            What happens if the compost gets too wet or too dry?
            • Have a look at our compost care instructions
            • If it’s too dry it needs moisture, when it’s too wet you need to air it out.
            Where do I store the compost?
              Should I keep the compost in the bag?
              • Yes, it’s fine to keep in the bag for a short period of time but bagged compost should be used quickly as it is a small amount and it is difficult to manage the moisture.
              • One or two yard totes being stored over time should be taken out of the super sack and stored in the shade where there is accessible water to maintain moisture. Compost should be covered to prevent rain from saturating the pile, or wind and heat to dry it. 
                How long does it last?
                • Our compost can last for over a year before quality declines but it must be cared for by maintaining moisture.  It is still good to use afterwards but effectiveness could decline.
                  Can I use it as a compost starter?
                  • Yes, you can inoculate your own compost with it. Blend it to achieve good distribution throughout the pile.
                    Can you explain why you do not use green waste in your compost?
                    • We are carefully sourcing our ingredients. If we don’t know where it’s from we won’t use it.
                    How much compost do I need to buy?
                    • Short answer: it depends.
                    • We can’t make blanket statements because the proper amount depends on the current state of your soil. 
                    • It also depends on the application: is this for top dressing, compost extract or compost tea?
                    • Ideally you establish a baseline of your soil before making a decision. Consider one of our microscopic analyses.
                    • You can contact us for more specific information on your project. 
                    How long will shipping take?
                    • Bagged shipping takes 3-5 business days.
                    • Bulk compost is dependent on your location, availability of freight carriers etc.
                    • We will make an effort to get the compost to you as soon as possible.
                    • Contact us directly if you have an urgent project.
                      Will the compost be damaged during the shipping process?
                      • We are taking precautions to avoid this
                      • If you have any issues please contact us
                        How much does a cubic foot of compost weigh?
                        • Approximately  40 lbs
                          How much does a yard of compost weigh?
                          • Approximately 1200 lbs
                            Do you ship bulk compost?
                            • Yes, please use this form to inquire about a bulk composting shipping quote to your location.
                              Will you personally deliver the compost?
                              • In some cases yes, please contact us to arrange private delivery
                              • We also rely on freight shipping and FedEx
                                Are there bulk discounts available?
                                • Yes, we offer discounts for orders above 10  yards.
                                  How often do I need to apply teas and extracts to see a response?
                                  • This depends on the current state of your soil and the plants you are growing.
                                  • We recommend at least 3  applications throughout the season.
                                  Can I add foods at the same time as extracts?
                                  • Yes, no problem. This works well. Add food directly before application and keep food additives under 5 mil per gallon. 
                                    How can I apply compost tea and extract?
                                    • We recommend a sprayer with a diaphragm pump. Contact with PBM Tank Supply
                                    • For small applications use an end-hose sprayer or sump pump with a barrel
                                      Do you have samples of your compost?
                                      • You can buy our smallest bag of compost if you would like to sample our compost.
                                        What do you recommend for compost tea brewers?
                                          What kind of compost cover should I use?
                                          • We prefer a breathable cover that lets oxygen pass through like cotton, canvas, or poly felt
                                          • We recommend a semi permeable cover to keep it moist
                                          • If you use an impermeable cover you will have to manage moisture and airflow.
                                          • Stay tuned for UV resistant compost covers until then try to upcycle old sheet or drop cloth.
                                          Our store is ready to ship compost to you.Check it out now.