Microscopic Photo Shoots


Are you curious about what kinds of life are inside your soil or compost?

We can help you see it on a microscopic level! Whether you want a full assessment or would just like to have pictures of the life in your soil, we’ve got you covered.

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What is included in our Micro-Photo Shoot?

Micro-photo shoots can provide plenty of videos and still images of your soil/compost/worm casting life under the microscope. These images will provide a way for you to watch your soil transform over time. You can use these images to promote your business, and they’re fantastic for social media content. You can also use them as educational tools if you’d like.

Cost: $150 per hour, $80 per half-hour

**The video content will depend on what we find when we explore**

For an idea of what you might see when you sign up for a micro-photo shoot, click here. The image shows a sample from one of the newer windrows we had in July. There is a purple testate amoeba in the image, along with fungal hyphae.

This is what arcella (the normal testate amoeba we see) looks like. This is a video of some nematodes. Here’s another video of soil life, just for good measure. It’s so exciting for us to see life in the soil, and we hope it’s exciting for you as well!

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