See what’s in your soil.

We offer microscopic assessments for soil samples, compost samples and vermicastings.

Want to know more about Microscopy? 

Using a microscope to assess soil health is called “microscopy,” or “direct microscopy.” Sometimes it is referred to as “direct counts.” The lenses of a microscope create a magnified image of an illuminated sample. This magnification is usually around 100x to 400x, allowing us to see even single-celled creatures. 

Microscopy can help measure the levels and diversity of microbes and animals from multiple trophic levels in the soil.

This can include:

  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • The ratio of fungi to bacteria (F:B)
  • Types of nematodes
  • Protozoa such as
    • Amoeba
    • Flagellates
    • Ciliates