We create compost which contains the complete soil food web inside. Our ingredients are obsessively sourced and our product routinely assessed to insure a quality product.

Pricing: $750 per yard for pick up

Delivery: 1-2 Yards $3 a mile, 3-6 Yards $6 a mile

Not Local to the area? We Ship! We have developed a process to safely ship our Bio-complete compost and Nematodes any where in the continental United States

Mail: 10 Pounds of compost $80* ; 40 Pounds of compost $200*

*Mail prices do not include Shipping

Soil-Born Beneficial Nematodes – $70 per order (covers 500-1000 sqft)

When you receive the nematodes you can expect to see diverse mix of bacterial feeders and fungal feeders when you look under the microscope. We extract our nematodes directly from compost and send them concentrated in a small amount of the same material. This ensures they stay alive during travel and are healthy enough to repopulate in your soil.