Consultation and Biological Soil Test

We supply the products and techniques to help you increase yields, improve quality and reduce cost while transitioning to biological management. Contact us about consultations and microbial assessments. Through microscopy we analyze the biology in your soil and assess your specific needs to allow your plants to express their full genetic potential.

We offer two types of soil biology analysis.

  • Qualitative Analysis $50 – We will use a microscope to scan soil sample for biology and asses which microbes are present and which are missing, along with information on how to improve and increase your beneficial soil microbiome.
  • Quantitative Analysis $125 – We will quantify specific biomass of individual groups of micro organisms, that we can then use as a road map on how to increase specific groups of microbes to bring your soil to desired levels depending on crops desired.


  • We do onsite or remote soil life consultation, we will asses soil heath and current farming practices and formulate a comprehensive plan on how to grow, maintain or revive your desired crops.